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Thanks for visiting the Tempohousing website, in 2014 celebrating our 10th birthday in the business of delivering original, economical and best-of-class prefab homes and hotels worldwide.

We are still famous for building the largest shipping container student village project in the world, but we keep making progress with new concepts, more different prefab solutions for homes and hotels so we are able to offer much more than just intermodel container homes. The demand for housing is infinite and we want to help our customers with the best solution for their specific market: for each budget, each type of housing, each climate zone and each location. We are as happy with a customer for a single home in a remote mountain village as with a large 4 star hotel facing the beach or with basic accommodation for workers on a new tunnel. For all these projects we can offer solutions. Sometimes just as a consultant or design/ engineer assignment, sometimes as supplier of modular homes (including complete installation on site) and sometimes as your business partner when setting up local production of modular homes to avoid high import duties or transport fee’s.

We have 4 product lines:

  1. ISO shipping container a. based conversion for homes and hotels (from 15 to 60 m2 floor lay out). Worldwide available. Great for single storey and for high rise projects. A very green product (low carbon foot print) and resistant for hurricanes and earthquakes. We offer these for 520 Euro per sqm, ex factory Europe, complete with everything necessary for a complete home (European building standards).
  2. Modular units: b. 18+ m2 units (3 x 6 meter up to 3,4 x 9 meter), these are delivered by truck only and also come completely finished to site. Available in Europe only. For up to 3 story buildings. Great for larger spaces, very flexible space solution. We offer these for 360 Euro per sqm, ex factory Europe, complete with everything necessary for a complete home (European building standards), but without kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Flat pack units: 15 m2 (2,5 x 6 meter) units that are shipped as a package (up to 6 are shipped in one 40 ft shipping container), ideal for many different solutions, like schools, offices, staff camps and basic housing. Worldwide available. This is the most economic solution for very quick housing needs. Also very flexible and after assembly still possible to relocate. Available as 1 story buildings from 135 Euro per sqm up to 270 Euro per sqm (for 3 level buildings), ex factory prices.
  4. ISO Home Conversion Kit (Worldwide available as of Spring 2014). This kit is perfect if you already have the standard shipping container (20 or 40 ft) already available in your country or for your project. Shipping containers are for sale in every port in the world, so no cheaper and easier way than to buy one yourself. And we deliver a complete kit with everything you need to convert that container into a perfect home, with kitchen, bathroom, windows and wiring. A great and very economic solution when you are in the position to do the conversion yourself or with a local team.

Almost all products are made in Europe. If you work with Tempohousing, you can rely on first class quality and on a great service. We do not stop supporting you until you have exactly what you need, for exactly the budget that you have in mind and exactly the requirements that are important for your project. When you tell us about your project, we are able to advice what is the best solution in your situation. If we know what you need,we can quickly send you a quotation. Prices are very much driven by what your needs are: type of insulation (“U value”), fire rating, sound reduction, heating and cooling, building design, to mention just a few items (there are many more).

Over the last 10 years we have built projects in many different places, some very warm, some very cold, some in our own hometown and some in very remote locations. And whether is was a luxurious hotel room, a cozy apartment, an efficiënt office or a great school building, we were always able to find the right solution for the customer.

We look forward to hear soon from you over the phone, email or with Skype in 2014!

The new partner program

We are looking for new partners in various countries. Start your own Tempohousing company for exciting opportunities in building homes and hotels.

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